The history of political persecution repeats itself. The Case of Fathers.

Among 19 new political criminal cases against civil activists, three activists from Almaty are currently under arrest as suspects under Article 405 Part 2 of the Criminal Code of RK («participation in an extremist organisation»):

1) Askhat Zheksebayev;

2) Abai Begimbekov;

3) Kairat Klyshev.

Askhat, Abai and Kairat are people with an active civil position, who defend constitutional rights and are fighting for our bright future.Askhat is the father of five children. In autumn 2019, he went on daily solo pickets, which motivated other civil activists to go on solo pickets in their cities.

Kairat is the father of 4 children

.In addition to taking part in peaceful protests, rallies and support in political courts, all of them helped to build a house for the family of the murdered Dulat Agadil, and participated in a memorial service in his honour, for which they were politically persecuted.

In a European Parliament resolution of 14 March 2019, the DCK was recognised as a peaceful opposition movement. It can be affirmatively stated that the “Koshe Partiyasy”, as a separate social and political movement, is a peaceful movement.

As we know, the decisions to ban the DCK and “Koshe Partiyasy” were passed by a secret court session, and the decisions themselves were not published.

In 2019, at this time, there was an investigation concerning participants of peaceful protests in Almaty: Oksana Shevchuk, Zhazira Demeuova, Gulzipa Dzhaukerova and Anuar Ashiraliyev, who were later arbitrarily sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment. In society, the case was called «The Case of Mothers».

The case was led by an investigator Yerzhanova Tolganay.As far as we know, the cases of Askhat, Kairat and Abai are being handled by Gizat Kazhybayev. The cases are coordinated by Adil Salayev, head of the investigation department of the Almaty police department.

The history of political persecution repeats itself. However, the world, our country and civil society are already different.We call on to join our demand to stop political persecution and release political prisoners Askhat, Kairat and Abai.