27 April 2021, Astana

Political persecution on a day of peaceful rallies under the topic of «No” to Land Sale» organised and coordinated by citizens of Kazakhstan in WhatsApp chats «Жер Сатылмасын».

On 24 April, two police officers attacked and detained civil society activist #KUMEKBAYEV Kuandyk with extreme violence while he was in a shop.

The activist had managed to ask shop assistants to record his detention on video, when he noticed policemen in civilian clothes running towards him.
The activist had not even planned to take part in the above protest, however, he was detained anyway and taken to the Baikonur District Police Department. Kuandyk was detained at the Police Department from 11:30 to 17:40.

During this entire time he was not given any water or food, which is a form of torture.