Preliminary data on violations in the pre-election period and on the day of parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan

1) On the day of the parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan, 10 January 2021, we recorded (list of organisations participating in the monitoring on the screenshot)

— Over 350 arbitrary detentions of peaceful protesters in 9 cities (109 identified by name). Detainees were illegally held from 6 to over 12 hours, with no lawyers, no justification, no water, no food, no right to make a phone call;

— 8 administrative arrests (6 under Article 488 «violation of the law on peaceful assembly») and 2 administrative fines (under Article 488);

— at least 49 observers and 7 journalists were not admitted or were obstructed in their observation;

— 11 citizens were not allowed to vote (1 person discovered that someone voted instead of him);

— journalist Saniya TOIKEN was attacked for covering arbitrary detentions of civil society activists;⠀

— 13 cases of outdoor surveillance;- human rights activist SULTANOV Abaibek was summoned to appear as a suspect in a political criminal case for alleged «extremism».

2) During the campaign period:⠀

— A minimum of 552 cases of political persecution in 26 cities and towns (including 33 for campaigning, 464 for election observation), of which 512 were preventive persecutions;

— 6 activists became political prisoners, 3 were placed under house arrest; Asanali SUYUBAYEV was illegally placed in a psychiatric clinic on 22 December 2020 for tearing down the NurOtan leaflet allegedly due to «addictive behaviour» and was released on 11 January 2021, which confirms the political motive;

— The facts of beatings for campaigning (Yeldos KYRYKBAYEV, Kamilla BAKZHANOVA) and observation (Azamat RAYEV) have not been investigated and the perpetrators have not been punished;⠀

— 26 preventive administrative arrests (including 10 for calling for a rally on 10 January, 4 for alleged «slander»);

— 7 administrative fines for distributing Ak Zhol leaflets (Article 113) and 2 administrative fines for photocopies of the official Ak Zhol banner (Article 118);⠀

The persecution continues even after the elections:

On 11 January, ZHUNUSOV Zhanibek, SABITOV Aibek, SYZDYKOV Aidar, and ZHUNUSOV Serik were detained in Astana.⠀We are thankful to everyone who helped us gather information on violations.