Politically motivated criminal prosecution of human rights activist Daryn #KHASSENOV from “BostandyQ Kz”.


In a series of posts, we will publish screenshots of the indictment against five human rights defenders and activists from Pavlodar, Ekibastuz and Bayanaul, as they are all part of the same case. In Part 2, one can find the screenshots of the «charges» against Daryn KHASSENOV.

On 5 May 2021, the first prosecutor of the Pavlodar region, #KUSAINOV Zharkyn Kuanyshevich, drew up a new indictment against Daryn KHASSENOV. Daryn KHASSENOV has been in the pre-trial detention facility for 5 and a half months already, while being investigated in a trumped-up and politically motivated criminal case under Article 405 Part 2 («participation in an extremist organisation»).

«Grounds» for prosecution of Daryn KHASSENOV:

1) Daryn KHASSENOV was prosecuted under the politically motivated administrative Article 488 («violation of the Law on Peaceful Assemblies»).

2) On 13 June 2020, Daryn KHASSENOV wrote in the «KP Pavlodar headquarters» Telegram chat that he was going to participate in a subbotage (evening marches), and on 14 June he published a photo from the subbotage on Facebook.

3) On 6 July 2020, Daryn KHASSENOV published a Facebook post expressing his gratitude to “Koshe Partiyasy”, thanks to which he had met the activists.

4) On 7 July 2020, Daryn KHASSENOV wrote on Telegram that he demanded that Tokayev fulfil the demands of the «DCK».

5) On 7 July 2020, Daryn KHASSENOV discussed the protests on Telegram and expressed his readiness to go out to protest.

6) Daryn KHASSENOV was selling T-shirts via Telegram with the inscription: «You can’t put everyone in jail».

7) On 23 September 2020, together with other activists, he took part in a Zoom-conference with the human rights defender Lyudmyla Kozlovska. They discussed how human rights violations should be recorded during the peaceful protest on 25 September 2020.

8) On 24 September 2020, Daryn KHASSENOV advised on «how to behave when detained at a rally» in the «Human Rights Ekibas Bayanaul» Telegram chat.

9) On 18 October 2020, Daryn KHASSENOV discussed preparing posters and banners for a peaceful protest in the «Human Rights Ekibas Bayanaul» Telegram chat.

Daryn KHASSENOV is being prosecuted on political grounds for his participation in peaceful protests, his participation in Asar — humanitarian aid campaign with the aim to help building a house for the family of the murdered human rights activist Dulat AGADIL, for the peaceful human rights activities he carried out in the regions (Ekibastuz, Bayanaul) — teaching activists how to defend their rights, including during detentions at peaceful protests, as the prosecutor himself writes.

The name of Daryn KHASSENOV and the human rights movement «BostandyQ Kz» are mentioned in the European Parliament resolution on the human rights situation in Kazakhstan dated 11 February 2021. The European Parliament urged to stop political persecution of human rights defenders