Political persecution of Nuranova Moldir, on the day of peaceful rallies

24 April 2021. Shymkent

Political persecution on the day of peaceful rallies under the topic «Жер Сатылмасын» («No” to Land Sale»), organised and coordinated by citizens of Kazakhstan in WhatsApp chats.

A group of police/NSC officers came in the morning to the wife of a civil activist #ASHTAYEV Zhanmurat — #NURANOVA Moldir in order to take her illegally to the police station. The purpose was to prevent her from participating in today’s peaceful protest. Moldir refused to go with them, among other reasons, because of an incorrectly filled out summons.

Then, the police officers begged her to stay at home and asked her «not to disgrace them and not to go to today’s rally». In case of her participation in the rally, she was threatened with administrative arrest and a fine.

Police district inspector — #ABDRAKHMANOV Muzafar.
Police Major — #SHOPIYEV Ildar.

Earlier, on 23 April NURANOVA Moldir submitted a notice to hold a peaceful rally on 1 May 2021 at the Square named after Ordabasy on Tole Bi Avenue in Shymkent.

This couple of activists are currently subjected to illegal surveillance outside their house.