25 April 2021. Astana

Political persecution on a day of peaceful rallies, on 24 April 24, on the topic of «Жер Сатылмасын» («No to Land Sale»), organised and coordinated by citizens of Kazakhstan on WhatsApp chats.

Police/NSC officers in civilian clothes attacked and beat civilian activist #SERIKBAYEV Gadylbek while trying to arbitrarily detain him right in his house.

On 24 April, bandits in epaulets arrived at the activist’s house early in the morning to take him to the police station. Gadylbek refused to follow them on the basis of an incorrectly filled out summons. The law enforcement officers then tried to take him away by force. However, relatives and neighbours were able to repel the activist from his attackers.

Later, the attacking police officers called emergency number «102» and took Gadylbek to the police station after all.