Monitoring of human rights violations for 25 April 2021:

Political persecution on a day of peaceful protests on «Жер Сатылмасын» («No” to Land Sale) organised and coordinated by citizens of Kazakhstan on WhatsApp chats:

✔ #Shymkent
⚡ #ABIYEVA Asia — On 24 April 2021 a civil activist was arbitrarily detained on her way to a peaceful protest. Asia was taken to the Al-Farabi District Police Station of Shymkent city.

✔ #Kobda #Aktobe region
⚡ #KARAKULOV Alibek — On 24 April 2021 Alibek went to Aktobe to participate in a peaceful protest, traffic police officers illegally stopped the taxi at the exit of the highway.

  • Patrol officers confiscated documents of the taxi driver and demanded him to go back and drive to the police station where Alibek was to be dropped off.
  • The traffic police officers did not introduce themselves, did not show their service ID, and did not draw up a protocol of detention.
  • Murat ABISHEV, a traffic police officer, explained that he was detained on a separate order for interrogation by an investigator.
  • Illegal interrogation in the Police Department was conducted by investigator — KURPESHEV Yeset.
  • Illegal surveillance was carried out by a district police officer — IBRAYEV Dauren.

✔ #Ust-Kamenogorsk #East-Kazakhstan region:
⚡ #YDRISHEV Almas — On 24 April 2021 the above-mentioned activists were arbitrarily detained by police officers on their way to a peaceful protest on the central square of the city.

✔ #Semey
⚡️ #MUKHAZHANOV Daulet — On 24 April 2021 the activist was arbitrarily detained by three unknown persons in civilian clothes on the M. Auezov Square.

  • Daulet received a summons for questioning to the investigator Muratov. He was taken to Zatonskiy Police Department, but 2.5 hours later he was released.

✔ #Astana
⚡ #MUSABAYEV Marat — On 24 April 2021 unidentified men in civilian clothes arbitrarily detained him and forcefully pushed him into a private car.

  • Marat was taken to the police station at the intersection of A. Moldagulova Street and Beibitshilik Street.
  • He was held at the station until 17:00. He was then brought home.
  • Marat reports that he was not going to the protest, but was on his way to work, which is what he told the people who abducted him.