Monitoring of human rights violations for 21 April 2021



— On 21 April 2021, a politically motivated trial under Article 200 («unlawful possession of a car without intent to steal” (“carjacking»)) against civil activist Kuandyk KUMEKBAYEV was held in Court No.2 of the Saryarka district.

— Judge: PAZYLOV Bolat Seitovich.

— According to preliminary information: the court acquitted Kuandyk KUMEKBAYEV after reconciliation of the parties.- It should be reminded that on the day of the peaceful protest on 28 February 2021, when Kuandyk KUMEKBAYEV was on his way to a peaceful protest, unknown persons in civilian clothes tried to abduct him in a rude manner.

— Unknown people roughly grabbed Kuandyk KUMEKBAYEV and forcibly dragged him into their civilian car.- Kuandyk KUMEKBAYEV got into the driver’s seat and drove away to the police department, for which he was accused of «carjacking». However, he arrived at the police department himself, as there were no guarantees that these unknown people (who did not introduce themselves or show their documents), were not going to abduct or kill him.



— On 20 April 2021, two NSC officers came to the workplace of Yerdembek’s wife, MUKHAMADIYANOVA Venera, and exerted political pressure on her because of her husband’s civil activism. One of them was called «Almas».- In the presence of her superiors and other colleagues, the NSC officers called her husband-activist a «terrorist» and threatened to convict Yerdembek.

— The Kazakhstani authorities persecute Yerdembek ZARKUMKANOV for calling to participate in rallies against the sale of Kazakhstani land, announced in many cities in WhatsApp chats with the name «Жер сатылмасын» («No to Land Sale») on 24 April 2021.

✔#Aktau:UPD:⚡#DZHANZAKOVA Sholpan and⚡#TURDIYEVA Ulbolsyn

— On 20 April 2021, female human rights defenders of the human rights movement «Femina Virtute» were arbitrarily detained during their peaceful picket and taken to the police department, where they were detained for 3 hours.

— At the same time, the human rights defenders were psychologically pressured by an unidentified officer of the Mangistau Regional Police Department.

— He threatened them that if they did not stop their human rights activities, criminal proceedings would be initiated against them.On 21 April 2021, human rights defenders received another politically motivated refusal from the Akimat to hold a peaceful protest.- Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA and Sholpan DZHANZAKOVA submitted a notification to hold a peaceful protest in Aktau on 1 May 2021.

— Reasons for refusal are «quarantine» and the fact that the chosen place is not included in the list of «specialised» places.

— The politically motivated refusal was signed by Deputy Akim of Aktau — BAYPAKOV A.


⚡#ZHAKUPOVA Aliya — On 22 April 2021 at 15:40, a court trial on politically motivated criminal case under Article 405 Part 2 of the Criminal Code («participation in the activities of an extremist organization») in respect of human rights defenders of the human rights movement «Veritas» will be held.

— Alia Zhakupova is being prosecuted on political grounds for:

— Calling for and participating in peaceful protests;

— Discussing the upcoming peaceful protests on Telegram;

— Discussing the exclusion of Bakhyt TULEBAYEVA from the Telegram chat of “Koshe Partiyasy”. The investigator explains that «in this way, members of the extremist organisation purged chats and groups of undesirable individuals to prevent information leakage».

— Since 15 December 2020, Alia ZHAKUPOVA has been under house arrest while the investigation and trial are in progress.