Monitoring of human rights violations for 12 April 2021


⚡️#DZHANZAKOVA Sholpan and⚡️#TURDIYEVA Ulbolsyn — On 12 April 2021 human rights defenders of the human rights movement «Femina Virtute» were illegally fined 50 MCI each (145,850 tenge or $335 fine per person), for allegedly «violating the law on peaceful assemblies» (Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offences) for holding a peaceful picket outside the Akimat building on 20 March 2021. — Judge: SUEUOVA Gulmira Alashevna (in the Ulbolsyn’s case).- Judge: KONUSOV Altay Sembayevich (in the Sholpan’s case).- A court trial is also expected on administrative case under Article 488 for participation in a peaceful picket on 11 April 2021. Possible trial will take place on 13 April 2021. — On 11 April 2021 — Sholpan DZHANZAKOVA and Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA came to a peaceful picket with demands to release all political prisoners, to stop genocide in Xinjiang and to say “no” to Chinese expansion. For that they were arbitrarily detained and held in police for more than 5 hours.

✔️ #Almaty

⚡️#DZHAKUPOV Kanat — On 10 April 2021, an illegal politically motivated criminal trial against Kanat DZHAKUPOV (Article 405(2) of the Criminal Code) ended. — The court illegally sentenced Kanat to 1 year of restriction of liberty and imposed a 2-year ban on social and political activities.


⚡️#UTEPOVA Aigul — On 13 April 2021 at 09:00 in the Saryarka district court an online trial on politically motivated criminal case under Article 405 Part 2 of the Criminal Code will be held .

✔️#Zarechnoye #Almaty region

⚡️ #ABISHEV Kenzhebek — On 11 April 2021, a political prisoner from detention facility LA 155/14 went on hunger strike and refused attempting to receive the treatment he needed, as these attempts were unsuccessful. He also wrote a suicide note. — Kenzhebek has twice been denied parole, after the prosecutor’s office protest, and has been denied medical treatment. — It should be reminded that on 7 April 2021 another political prisoner, Aset #ABISHEV, who had previously been harassed and provoked by the deputy director of the penitentiary camp and officials of the Department of Criminally-Executive System of Almaty region, cut his wrists in protest in the same prison. The last straw was the behaviour of one of the deputy heads of the Department of Criminally-Executive System of Almaty region, ASHOV, who came to the camp on purpose to personally participate in the search of the hospital ward where Aset ABISHEV lay, and then provoked him to self-harm with his behaviour.