I, #ZHEKSEBAYEV Askhat, am one of the leaders of the peaceful opposition movement “KOSHE PARTIYASY”. Our movement has over 170 thousand people in Kazakhstan. We stand for a parliamentary republic, defense of human rights and against corruption.⠀

On 28 April 2020 I stated publicly that we plan to apply for registration of the movement «KOSHE PARTIYASY» on the whole territory of Kazakhstan.We were waiting for the quarantine to be over, in order to submit all the documents for registration in accordance with the law. However, on 19 May 2020, the Prosecutor General’s Office reported that the activities of «KOSHE PARTIYASY» were banned and declared extremist. We do not agree with such actions.⠀

I, #SULTANOV Abaybek, would like to point out that the ban and recognition of the peaceful movement «KOSHE PARTIYASY» is a violation of the Constitution of Kazakhstan and international obligations. The court on the prohibition of «KOSHE PARTIYASY» was held secretly and without our participation. We, as a group of 10 «KOSHE PARTIYASY» leaders, want to file an appeal and assert our rights. We have given proxies to our lawyers.⠀

I, #RAKHIMZHANOV Noyan, believe that the Prosecutor General’s Office, the NSC, the Ministry of Internal Affairs as repressive authorities in Kazakhstan will prevent us from obtaining documents and filing an appeal within the terms established by the law. On 22 May 2020, 13 activists of the #KOSHE_PARTIYASY movement were arbitrarily detained in Astana, who came to the Prosecutor General’s Office and asked to see the decision of the secret court. They were detained with brute force by several dozen armed #SOBR officers. Why and what for are the Kazakhstani authorities hiding this decision? All propaganda media talk about it, but do not show it to us and deprive us of the right of defense and appeal.

I, #SMAGULOV Bolat, consider the actions of the Prosecutor General’s Office, #NSC, #MIA as a direct contradiction to the declarations of the President of Kazakhstan @tokayev_online on respect for human rights, the right to peaceful assembly and association in #Kazakhstan.⠀

I, #KLYSHEV Kairat: we call on the international community to publicly condemn such actions of the authorities, as well as to join our chat room in #Telegram, to monitor that our activities are exclusively peaceful and legitimate. #Almaty