We continue a series of posts which demonstrate on naked facts and evidence that Kaspi Bank is involved in political persecutions.

Part IV. Subservient courts

In previous publications we explained the fabrication process of a secret politically motivated criminal case under Article 258 Part 2 (for allegedly “financing of extremist activities”), who is being prosecuted under this article and demonstrated how widespread secret court rulings have been.

On 20 January 2021, judges of a Specialised Inter-District Investigative Court in Almaty issued secret decisions authorising personal searches against eleven (11) persons.⠀

Eight (8) persons filed appeals demanding that the personal search warrants be annulled, but the Almaty City Court upheld all eight appeals:

1. Zhasaral KUANYSHALIN (public figure)

2. Rakilya BEKNAZAROVA (civil activist)

3. Anna SHUKEYEVA (human rights defender “405”)

4. Bauyrzhan ATUZBAYEV (husband of Anna SHUKEYEVA)

5. Dana ZHANAY (human rights defender “Qaharman”)

6. Raigul SADYRBAYEVA (human rights defender “Elimay”)

7. Bibigul IMANGALIYEVA (human rights defender “Article 14”)

8. Nurbol ONERKHAN (civil activist)

Courts of appeal lasted from 2 to 10 minutes. Judges did not even attempt to pretend that the court hearing was “adversary”.

Dana ZHANAY was not informed of the date and time of her court of appeal. The decision was issued on her case, depriving her of her right of defence. All the courts were “closed for public” despite the legal right for an open hearing.Rakilya BEKNAZAROVA’S court of appeal took place on 16 March 2021 (confirmation is on the screenshot attached below), however decision on her case had already been made on 15 March 2021, which was a day before the actual day of the hearing, thus proving that all the court decisions were made beforehand.

The case was based on protected by law information on legitimate bank transfers (payments to lawyers, payments of fines, humanitarian aid to families of political prisoners) that Kaspi Bank illegally provided to the police and NSC.This does not qualify as «financing of extremist activities» and therefore there was no crime committed.

All the photos of the court decisions can be found in the Facebook Group “ActivistsNotExtremists”.https://www.facebook.com/groups/ActivistsNotExtremists/permalink/2961307660855164