We begin a series of posts which will demonstrate on naked facts and evidence that Kaspi Bank is involved in political persecution.Part 1: About a new political criminal case.On 26 December 2020, a political criminal case was opened at the Almaty Police Department for allegedly «financing of extremism» (Article 258 Part 2), which according to our information, involves at least 15 people from different cities.The case is based on an unsubstantiated report dated 26 December 2020 written by an officer of the Almaty Police Department, SEITKANOV R.N:»Citizen X in a group of persons by prior collusion with unidentified persons is engaged in financing of extremist organization «DCK» — «Koshe Partiyasy» on the territory of the RK».Also in the case materials there is a report from M.K. KASYMZHAN, Deputy Head of the Department for Combating «Extremism» of Almaty Police Department, saying that a civil activist DEMEUOVA Zhazira in a group «with unidentified persons» is allegedly «distributing funds received from M. ABLYAZOV and B. MENDYGAZIYEV among activists of DCK/Koshe Partiyasy».It is important to note that there is no date on the report, probably to fabricate a criminal case post factum.The criminal case is being led by the investigator of the Almaty City Police Department, TOKABAYEV R.K.Questions:1) Where did the police officers in Almaty get the information about bank transactions of DEMEUOVA Zhazira? (Unless Kaspi Bank itself illegally gave it out).2) Where is the evidence that she received money from M. ABLYAZOV and B. MENDYGAZIYEV?3) Who are these «unidentified, unknown persons» and «Citizen X»?4) How is «prior collusion» proven?5) How has the distribution of funds between the activists of the DCK and Koshe Partiyasy been proven? (And who has proved that particular individuals are “DCK” and “Koshe” activists?)6) How has «financing of extremist activities» been proven and what exactly has been «financed»?These facts indicate that Kaspi Bank is illegally giving out banking information which is protected by law.