Kazakhstani authorities politically prosecute at least 13 human rights defenders, activists, public figures and relatives of political prisoners (the list is pictured) from various cities in a politically motivated criminal case for allegedly «financing an extremist organisation and other aiding extremism» (Article 258 Part 2).Political prosecution is based on an unsubstantiated report dated 26 December 2020 by an operative investigator of the Almaty City Police Department, R. SEITKANOV addressed to the head of the Almaty City Police Department, K. TAIMERDENOV: «Citizen X in a group of persons by prior conspiracy by unidentified persons is engaged in financing of extremist organization «DCK» — «Koshe Partiyasy» on the territory of RK».⠀The secret fabrication of political criminal cases and secret trials are based on the movement of funds from public fundraisers for the families of political prisoners and the politically persecuted, recorded by video cameras at terminals in bank branches.⠀Kaspi Bank and Halyk Bank are tools of political persecution, they freeze bank accounts in politically motivated criminal cases, without court sanction, without grounds; provide information to police and NSC, violating Article 50 («banking secrecy») of the Law «On Banks and Banking» and Article 18 Part 2 of the Constitution («everyone has the right to privacy of personal deposits and savings»).Many have already been «convicted» by secret court decisions, sanctions have been issued for their personal searches, the appeal leaves the decision unchanged, the case file is not available for inspection.⠀Political persecution is related to raising legal literacy, helping to collect humanitarian aid for the families of political prisoners, paying fines and lawyers, receiving humanitarian aid, etc.⠀We call on the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada to include Halyk Bank and Kaspi Bank shareholders in the list of personal sanctions for political persecution and human rights violations.