22 April 2021, Kyzylorda

On 20 April we were able to talk to civil activist and former political prisoner #BAYMAGAMBETOV Muratbay about his injuries.

Muratbay confirmed that he had injured himself due to the politically motivated investigation, unbearable detention conditions and unfair trial. For four of the seven months of Muratbay’s arbitrary detention in the pre-trial detention facility, no investigative measures were taken.

Muratbay’s illness and inability to receive adequate treatment in the pre-trial detention facility, and the fact that his seriously ill wife was left alone were psychological torture for him.

It should be recalled that on 1 April 2021, Muratbay Baymagambetov was sent to hospital in a critical condition due to the fact that his abdomen had been cut open. Activists who visited the hospital did not trust the initial information about the activist’s suicide attempt and suspected that Muratbay was the victim of a provocation by pre-trial detention facility staff.

The Kazakhstani authorities are driving people to despair by prosecuting the innocent for political reasons and driving them to suicide.

On 8 April Muratbay was released from the hospital and transferred back to the detention facility. On 20 April, he was released from the pre-trial detention facility.

The photo shows Muratbay Baymagambetov with other activists in Kyzylorda after his release.