5 May 2021. Aktau

Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA has been on a dry hunger strike for 6 days now. We don’t know what her condition is now and whether she is receiving medical treatment.

On the morning of 30 April police officers arbitrarily detained a human rights activist from the “Femina Virtute” movement — Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA — when she got off the train (after her work shift) and immediately took her to the police. Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA was not given food or water and was not allowed to change her clothes (they took her away in her work uniform).

After lunch, she had a trial, and judge #UTEBALIYEV D. illegally sentenced Ulbolsyn TURDIEVA to 15 days of administrative arrest for allegedly violating the «law on peaceful assemblies» for her participation in a peaceful picket on 20 April. At the same time, Zhanbolat Mamay and the “DPK” call for and participate in unauthorised protests and no one interferes with them, no one really persecutes them.

In connection with her illegal arrest, Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA, according to our information, has declared a dry hunger strike — without food or water — as a sign of protest. She will soon become dehydrated, which may cause intoxication and even coma. In order to isolate her before the protest on 1 May 2021, the authorities have arbitrarily arrested her, but in fact they might kill her like this.

To hide their crimes and to prevent anyone from getting to her, the authorities sent her to a special detention facility in Shetpe, 3 hours away from Aktau, although they should have sent her to a special detention facility in Aktau. This way relatives, friends and a lawyer would have been able to visit her. Given the 3-day weekend and her dry hunger strike, her health might rapidly deteriorate in 3 days.

During her arrest, police and NSC officers would probably visit her, threaten and demand that she stop her human rights activities and go out to peaceful protests. At the time of her arrest in January 2021, the head of the Aktau Department for Combating Extremism, #KORGANBAYEV Bekbol, came to her to the special detention facility and threatened her.

The name of Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA and the human rights movement “Femina Virtute” is mentioned in the European Parliament resolution on the human rights situation in Kazakhstan dated 11 February 2021.