Azamat #PRALIYEV is mocking political prisoner Aidar SYZDYKOV.

We have received alarming information from the pre-trial detention facility in #Astana where activist Aidar #SYZDYKOV, accused under political Article 405 Part 1 of the Criminal Code of the RK, has been arbitrarily detained since 3 March 2021. Political prisoner SYZDYKOV is being subject to pressure by staff members of the pre-trial detention facility: Deputy Head of the regime department  #NURSEIT Aset Amanovich, Head of the regime department #SULTANOV Nurlan Kerimbekovich, inspectors #DAULETSHIN Yersaid and #USENBAY Rinat Yesenovich. These officers conduct searches, which are being recorded, in SYZDYKOV’S cell every day, do not deliver food and cigarettes on time, take away books and newspapers, groundlessly accuse him of regime violation and threaten to close him in a punishment cell. The officers also bait other inmates against SYZDYKOV.
If anyone has information about these staff members, please let us know.
Illegal actions against SYZDYKOV are carried out by officers of the pre-trial detention facility on the instructions of the investigator of the Investigative Division of the Astana City Police Department, Senior Lieutenant PRALIYEV Azamat Shalkarovich (14 August 1991). PRALIYEV is fabricating a case against SYZDYKOV for his participation in peaceful protests and support for the peaceful opposition movements “DCK” and “Koshe Partiyasy”. It was under his order that the activist was arrested and is now under psychological pressure.
Karabet PRALIYEV is widely known among activists in Astana. He has previously prosecuted Saltanat BARYKBAYEVA, Serik Zhahin, Alma NURUSHEVA and Aliya ZHAKUPOVA (let me know in the comments if I have forgotten to mention someone).