Political prisoner Aset ABISHEV is having a very difficult time. We tried to reconstruct the chronology of the last days:

📍On 7 April Aset ABISHEV cut his wrists to protest against the arbitrariness of the administration of the colony LA 155/14.He received minimal medical care and was placed in a punishment cell for 15 days.

📍 On 8 April, representatives of the colony administration forced Aset to say on video that there is light in his cell. Administration of the colony has this video. After that, on 8 April, the lights were turned off in the punishment cell. Such things never happen without a reason, Aset understood that something terrible might happen. But he was very weak and was almost in a half-conscious state. He remembers that a big noise started, he thought they were coming for him now. But then it turned out that someone had been killed. Now we know that on the night of 8-9 April there was a murder in the punishment cell at the colony LA 155/14.

📍 On 9 April Aset was very sick and was transferred to the medical unit. If his punishment is not cancelled, then when he gets better he will be transferred back to the punishment cell to serve his punishment for 15 days. Aset is very hopeful that his lawyer (Gulbarshyn KUDAROVA), who visited him the other day, will file an appeal against the decision.


«Dear friends, Thank you for your support! It has given me the moral strength to fight to the end! I am an innocent man, I am not a criminal!The authorities do everything to silence me, to make me stop complaining about the daily violation of my rights and the rights of other prisoners. I was forced to cut my wrists, I had no other way to protest against the arbitrariness and lawlessness. You can’t expect normal medical care in an institution like this. And those who have violated and are violating my rights remain unpunished. Your unity and kindness helps a lot!Thank you! Alga Kazakhstan! (Go ahead, Kazakhstan!)

Aset Abishev LA 155/13 «Zarechny»