Political prisoner Aset ABISHEV asked me to inform everyone who supports him: «I have to deal with factors that are impossible to see from the outside.»

Aset said that he was visited by ZHOLUMBETOV Omirbek Oryngazinovich, head of the Almaty Forensic Medical Examination Department. Aset said: «From this visit I expect everything except help». Aset even fears that as a result of the actions/reports of this expert ZHOLUMBETOV, he will be locked up in a mental institution altogether.

Friends, who has encountered ZHOLUMBETOV and knows the quality of his work as an expert? How well-founded are Aset’s fears? Aset also talked about his meeting with activist Sakhib GALIYEVNA on 9 April. Aset said that this meeting was unexpected for him.

Sakhib GALIYEVNA was taken inside the zone to the second post, where the paramilitary guards were located. Aset was led from the other side. He heard her shouting something like «Where is my grandson? Until I see him, I won’t leave!» They were quite far apart. There were two bars and a distance of about three metres between them. The officers who led him to the bars told him to «calm down this lady».

Sakhib GALIYEVNA saw Aset and shouted at him: «How are you? Do you need anything?».Aset, naturally, said, «I’m fine, thank you, I don’t need anything.» Aset just wanted to reassure her, he was ashamed to ask the elderly woman for something. Aset said he was forced to answer as he answered.

Aset said: «How else was I supposed to answer her? What I had to shout to her when we were surrounded by zone staff, with a distance and two bars between us?» Aset was very surprised that anyone would think he was seriously describing his condition in such an obscure encounter. «Would I really cut myself if I was fine? Consider this yourself,» Aset said. Aset asked «don’t draw conclusions about what happens to me inside the zone based on other people’s words».