Appeal of a civil activist Nazira LEPESOVA to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal Augusto Santos Silva ahead of the 18th EU-Kazakhstan Cooperation Council meeting scheduled on 10 May 2021.

Dear Augusto Santos Silva. My name is LEPESOVA Nazira. I am a civil activist from the city of Taraz, Kazakhstan. Political persecution is widespread in our country. The authoritarian Kazakhstani regime ignores the recommendations of the resolution of the European Parliament dated 11 February 2021 on human rights violations in Kazakhstan.

My name is mentioned in the lists of political persecution and is being monitored by international human rights activists.
In Kazakhstan, it is useless to seek protection of one’s rights in the police, prosecutor’s office, court — arbitrariness and lawlessness have deprived the people of Kazakhstan of practically all rights and civil liberties!

Citizens are brutally persecuted on the order of the authoritarian government for the slightest attempt to participate in the social and political life of the country! Demands of citizens to observe their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly, the authorities of Kazakhstan without any hesitation declare manifestation of extremism!

I was falsely accused and on 4 February 2021 I was convicted under Article 405 Part 2 of the Criminal Code for my demand of the rule of law and social protection for the people of Kazakhstan. The charges were completely fabricated in the court!

Judge Gizat AMANBAYEV with his knowingly unlawful sentence restricted my freedom for 2 years and deprived me of my right to freedom of speech — I was not allowed to participate in public and political life of the country for 5 years! In addition, the judge applied several types of punishment for a crime that I did not commit!

There is no democracy in our country! Freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly in Kazakhstan is considered to be extremism!

7 May 2021. Taraz