About Us

Qaharman Human Rights Protection Fund is an organization registered in Kazakhstan that brings together human rights defenders-volunteers from 14 cities across the country. The purpose of the organization is to protect human rights and civil liberties in accordance with international agreements ratified by Kazakhstan. A special focus of the organization is monitoring politically motivated courts, freedom of peaceful assembly and reporting the results of our monitoring to international organizations of OSCE, UN, governments and parliaments of democratic countries.

One of the achievements of our team of volunteers was the adoption of the results of our monitoring in the text and recommendations of the European Parliament resolution of 11 February 2021 on the human rights situation in Kazakhstan (2021/2544(RSP)), especially dozens of names of politically persecuted and political prisoners, and the names of politically murdered activists in Kazakhstan.

Qaharman’s human rights defenders systematically submit their reports to the deputies of the European Parliament



or Bundestag,


and UN special rapporteurs, media:

They are also systematically persecuted by the Kazakhstani authorities for their human rights activities, as stated in declarations of the PACE:


and the European Parliament:


Belgian Federal Parliament:


Justice for Journalists Foundation (JFJ)