5 April 2021⠀#Almaty

Politically motivated criminal prosecution of civil activist Gulzipa #DZHAUKEROVA.

Part 1 can be read here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/ActivistsNotExtremists/permalink/2962166087435988/

On 5 April 2021, a senior investigator of the Investigative Division of the Almaty City Police Department, G.S. KAZHIBAYEV, prepared a subsumption (legal argumentation of a crime) of a suspect Gulzipa DZHAUKEROVA.⠀

Gulzipa DZAUKEROVA is politically prosecuted under Article 182 Part 2 («participation in an extremist group») and Article 405 Part 2 («participation in the activities of an extremist organisation»).⠀

In fact, Gulzipa Dzhaukerova is politically prosecuted for exercising her constitutional rights: she participated in peaceful protests (for which she has already received, formally, illegal administrative penalties), called to join the «Koshe Partiyasy» and discussed forthcoming peaceful protests.

On the basis of what law is it forbidden to wish each other and Mukhtar Ablyazov Happy New Year? On the basis of what law is it forbidden to make wishes to one’s country?⠀

Since when is it illegal to demand an impartial and fair investigation into the political murder of Dulat AGADIL and punish those who are responsible?⠀

The investigator openly states that the aim of the «Koshe Partiyasy» is the establishment of the Parliamentary Republic. What is illegal about it? What is illegal about expressing discontent? How did the investigator establish that Gulzipa DZAUKEROVA is a personal adviser of Askhat ZHEKSEBAYEV?

The investigator explicitly writes that she is an opposition activist for her political beliefs, which is not in fact illegal, but in this case demonstrates the real reason for her political persecution.⠀It is not illegal to discuss the distribution of funds collected from public fundraisers for humanitarian aid for the families of those politically persecuted and political prisoners.

«Koshe Partiyasy» and the “DCK” are two different peaceful opposition movements.On 6 April 2021, Head of the Criminal Prosecution Department #MASAKBAYEV I.B. approved the subsumption (legal argumentation of a crime) of a suspect.и ещё 6